The Swedish wool broker

We can provide you with the right fiber

for the right product and

for a fair pay for the farmer!

Gestrike sheep taking a lunchbreak
Hjördis, an Gestrike ewe

What sort of sheep, fiber or farmer do You need for your product?

Which processing technique is  the right one for your product?

Fårklippare Elin Esperi
Sorted wool in paper bags
Fresh spun Jämtlands wool at Ullforum
Filippa Ks FinDor sweather left and Röyk Superwears right

The right fiber for the right product is key!


My name is Claudia Dillmann and I have a small farm in Roslagen, 70 km north east from Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2014 I am also the happy owner of a flock of sheep of the heritage breed Gestrike sheep. They belong to 1 of 10 endangered peasant breeds in Sweden.

During the period 2017 and 2021, I have worked actively to increase the value of Swedish wool in my role as a Wool and Leather Manager in the Swedish Sheep Breeding Association. It was also during this time that the idea for The Swedish wool broker was born.

Photo by Sara Mac Key