What kind of fiber do you need for your product?

Is it a soft and close-fitting fiber with a low micron or a durable and water-repellent fiber?

Maybe you need a resilient padding wool for pillows and duvets or a wool that can be used for knee pads?

In Sweden we got 44 different kind of sheep breeds.

This means that there are lots of fibers for a variety of uses.

Which fiber suits your product best? Please send us an email and we can help you find the right one among Sweden's all woolfibres!


Great opportunity!
30kg spring sheared "XMerino" wool

from spring 2022 (picture left).

 Merino crossed swedish sheep, under 24,5 micron and at least 90CF(Comfort factor).

Fiber length unstretched approx 5cm.

Seller: Öfvre Gård, Carina Alfredsson Öfvre Gård Bjurholm

Phone +46730947024

E-mail ofvregard@hotmail.com